Child wanting to buildA brand new home where you are the first person to have ever lived in it is a thrilling experience. Whether building from the ground up or buying a builders inventory new home you are getting the opportunity to live in a contemporary floor plan that reflects how you live today.

When deciding to build your dream home you have the ability to design certain features as well as the opportunity to personalize all of your selections from flooring, cabinets, lighting, paint colors, and so much more. Most builders have professional designers and staff that walk you through the process and assist in all these decisions making your choices fun and easy.

Everyone loves kitchens and baths. New homes have kitchen and bath designs using the latest materials and newest technologies. Imagine brand new state of the art appliances in your kitchen or soaking in your new spa tub! Homes now come ready for today’s lifestyles with advanced wiring for wall mounted flat screens, wireless internet and some homes even have systems like the AC and heat that can be operated direct from your smartphone.

Construction workerThe cost to maintain your new home can be large consideration. In the first years of owning your home you can be free of worries of any large costly unexpected expenses. New homes generally come with a builder’s warranty as well as all the manufacturer’s warranties on all your appliances and mechanical systems. Your new home will also be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly so you will save money and benefit the environment.

Be sure to consider a new home before making your next home purchase. Your Horizon Realtor can show you the many new home options in our area.