Horizon Realty always recommends that you hire a professional home inspector to inspect your potential new home. The home inspector will typically spend 1½ to 3 hours thoroughly inspecting the home including but not limited to the HVAC system, roof, kitchen appliances, bath fixtures, hot water heaters, garage doors, electrical panel and outlets, and much, much more. Most inspectors also offer optional services such as inspecting pools, wells, and providing termite inspections or insurance 4 pt inspections. Your Horizon Realtor can offer you a choice of inspectors, arrange the inspections for you as well as assist you reviewing the results.House under a magnifying glass

Most purchase and sale contracts offer the buyer an inspection period which is typically 5 to 15 days from acceptance of the contract by all parties. Some purchase and sale contracts automatically provide for an obligation on the sellers part to do certain repairs while many are "as is" meaning the seller may not be obligated to repair anything. In the case of an "as is" having a home inspection can determine major defects that may not be readily visible and the seller has no knowledge of. While in an "as is" contract your binder deposit may be at risk; however, at least you haven't risked the entire purchase price and potentially owning a home with a major defect.A home inspector

Please read this comprehensive guide with tips to maintain your new home after your purchase too. Some of these items in this guide may be pointed out by your home inspectors as maintenance recommendations in their report.

Homeowners Maintenance and Tip Guide