At Horizon Realty, we know that moving can be both exciting and stressful. For children, the idea of moving and leaving friends, family, and schools behind can be a source of apprehension and worry. In order to make moving an exciting process for the whole family, take a look at the following tips from the experts in Gainesville/Lake City area real estate.

Before Moving Day

  • Talk about it. If you have already decided where you are moving, it's a good idea to set up a family meeting to discuss the process. Gathering the family to discuss the details and how moving will affect life going forward is a fantastic way to address concerns and get feedback. Remember, children have opinions, too.
  • Plan a going away party. To help children feel comfortable with the transition of moving, try hosting a "see you later" party. This can help alleviate any concerns about keeping in touch. Preserve these memories by creating a guestbook and taking pictures.
  • Discuss room arrangements. Discussing available rooms and creating room assignments is a fun and practical way to get children excited about moving. Exploring bedroom themes or wall colors is a good way to inspire excitement about moving.

Moving Day

  • Assign roles. If your children are old enough to help with the moving process, include them by assigning specific roles and duties. Instead of doling out orders, make it fun by creating teams, special shirts or hats, or holding a "Best Little Helper" competition.
  • Keep them entertained. On moving day, remember to bring along a special box with favorite toys and activities. Whether flying or driving, it is always best to have entertainment handy, which will make the day go smoothly.
  • Celebrate the move. After a busy day of moving, it's important to thank your crew (children included) for all their hard work. Ending the day with a nice meal or a small cake is a fun way to reward the family for their teamwork.

After the Move

  • Save your boxes. Building box forts and play areas is a great way to get kids motivated to unpack while doing your part to save the planet.
  • Keep in touch. After the move, take the time to help your children get in touch with friends and family in your old hometown.
  • Explore the community. Make sure to give your children a tour of the greatest attractions and sites to see in your new community.