Your pets need special care when moving to a new home. Here are a few tips to make their move easier:

Cats and dogs • Take your pets to the veterinarian and obtain a health certificate and rabies inoculations for cats and dogs. Some states have random checks to make sure your dogs and cats are properly inoculated. Crossing state lines with large animals may require additional documentation and vary from state to state. In Florida, horses require a health certification and a negative Coggins report to enter the state.

Mare and foal • On long car trips with your pets be sure to plan ahead for hotels and motels that will allow your pets. Remember to give them frequent rest stops as well as adequate water. If you are flying with your pet check in early with the airline to determine how your pet can travel and check with your veterinarian about possibly providing a tranquilizer to make the trip less stressful.

 • Smaller pets such as hamsters, birds, or mice should be transported with their cage covered with a light weight cloth to help them stay quiet and restful. Be sure that they get plenty of water and food.

Dog looking up • Make your pet feel at home by putting out its favorite toys, food dishes, and blankets as soon as possible to give them comfort.

 • Be very cautious and don't allow you pets outdoors unleashed right away as they could become disoriented or be unable to find their way home.